Weekend Coffee Share: Tackled off a building & holding a baby…but not at the same time!

If we were having coffee this morning, I would have my dad join us. It is father’s day and his birthday! And not surprisingly, we would be having this coffee, again, at one of the Starbucks on Disney property. Perhaps maybe the one at EPCOT this time? Oh…and side note, along with ticket price entry to EPCOT, your coffee is probably going to cost $100. And…on second thought, my dad doesn’t drink coffee, so we would probably end up at the pub in the United Kingdom drinking Jameson. What a shame.

Anyway, this week flew by. No traveling at all this week, just 5 days of tumbling at the happiest place on earth! I think this may be the first time in a couple of months that I did not alter my schedule at work to do another job or take time with my wife or friends. I guess it is good to go back to normal once in a while. The only thing that really stuck out at work this week happened yesterday. After an hour long conversation, ideas started flowing between a few of us stuntmen. We ended up tackling each other off 15ft buildings. This is a little harder than it seems I learned. First, you need to pick the person up off the building with a specific hand position. Be careful to not push too far off the building, as you will overshoot the pad on the way down. Second, as you are falling you need to simultaneously use the other guy as a post and twist yourself upside down to land. Third, you need to make sure you push the other guy safely away from you. All the while, you need to make sure you do not hit each other. Oh and in case you were wondering, the ideas started out much crazier than this, but it started raining. Tackling off the building had to suffice.

Outside of work this week, I was happy to go to my first parenting class! My wife and I went to the hospital and took a basic infant course. This was exactly what I needed! This is going to sound stupid, but I was totally worried about the little things. How do I hold the baby? When do I burp the baby? What does the baby eat in the first year? When do I do this or that? The questions in my head were endless. But, after this two and a half hour class…I feel eased. And on top of that, I got a little booklet I can reference in the future! And as always, my wife is a champion. She pretty much knew it all. Two things here: 1) She is going to be the world’s greatest mom and 2) she is awesome for not rubbing in how much I didn’t know. Ha-ha…

Anyway, how rude of me. How are things going for you? Oh, wait. This is one way. See you next week so you can spend $100 on coffee and only hear about me!

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Tackled off a building & holding a baby…but not at the same time!

  1. Sounds like a fun but potentially dangerous workday. lol

    And I don’t think it sounds too silly–I worried about all sorts of things that I didn’t know when I was pregnant, and so did my husband. Neither of us had ever been around babies much, and so we asked all of those silly questions, too. 🙂

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  2. tackling the parenting thing will make all the stunts seem like a cake walk 🙂 Seriously the most important thing you can give your child and your spouse is your time. If you do that and be a good example, the rest of it usually falls into place. And much like being a stuntman, there will be bruises and scrapes along the way.

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